13 (Creative) Commandments
1. Talent is an important differentiator, but talent needs to put in the hours to excel.
2. Question everything. Question what is good, what is bad, why you like or don't like something. It's more important than ever in an algorithmic industry to play by your own rules.
3. Stand by the work that you make. Do not place disproportionate value on how the work is received.
4. Always credit appropriately and honestly
5. Stop trying to be "original" and work with what you've got, finding an "interesting" angle or a new way to make something familiar felt.
6. Follow what genuinely interests you. Do not succumb to the pressure to monetise everything that you love... keep a little bit of it for yourself.
7. Always be willing to listen and learn from others. When people start coming to you, also listen, learn and impart. Don't forget what it's like to start, and stay humble. Be the person that someone will thank later in their career.
8. Try to embed things with truth and beauty. The world needs more of that.
9. Study and study hard. Chase references, research your influences. Ensure your influences are diverse and then try to connect the weird dots between them. Always be on the lookout for new ones.
10. Don't take anything too seriously. What you're doing probably isn't changing the world. That doesn't mean it doesn't matter, but keep perspective.
11. Establish what your professional boundaries are and then try to uphold them. Know your value, the value of your work and perhaps most importantly the value of your time. Don't be afraid to communicate.
12. Perfection doesn't exist but attention to detail is the next best thing. With with hard work, you can produce things that you are proud of that will also withstand the test of time and trends.
13. Never stop being in conversation with other artists.

13 (Creative) Commandments