reality is one realm, internet is another realm, wonder there is any other else?

other animals can see more color than us => maybe limitless graphic for animals

courage the cowardly dog - morphing ability

xếp hình trên arena (like instagram)

reverse mirrored glyph

the metallic scratch card

zig zag stroke of anh huy: re-coordination

bồi giấy transparency

mock up of a mockup of a mockup ...

multi narrative films

umbrella leaves in pvz1 that is pixelated when enlarge

wet paper scanned

use mouse the wrong way (upside down)

art of reaction icon on discord

tv tropes

bát chén dĩa dơ trong bồn nhưng k có nước

bị ngọng nhưng là tiếng vang

the feeling of uninstalling adobe

non-rectangle canvas

xương của 1 design - xương correlated with canvas

the icon with the face when actually texting that icon or the emotion inside it

first time ever that I nhận vơ something

first time ever that I realise I have to give up my courage

modular painting (tr.c.n)

  • ground
  • figure
    • motor
      • static motor
    • framework
      • dynamic framework

think everything structurally, systematically

magnetic railtrain

visual: scanning hand with scanner for sign language

flash light through webcam actually works!

shadow poster

unnatural eye flow

project objects on actual objects

anti gravity balloon

sách nối điểm vẽ hình (check insta banhbn2)

mockup to surroundings except for thing itself

alt text poster

world through bị cận eyes

highlighting text - creating form website

favicon interactive

photogrammetry but with motion

multiple cursors with multiple targets

mouse-free navigation