currently circling around the [problems?ideas?] of the hand made vs the digital screen . . . .

the digital vs the printed?

the journey of hand made > scanned > printed > sold ((zines? prints?)) vs
the jouney of hand made > sold
hand made > sold
hand made > sold

publicitiy and self promotion as an artist? website, place where they live [(second life)]
digital space
diminutive in the palm of your hand on your phone screen

[hand made > seen in person] leaves then, a defense for an greying space,
galleries in a hyperpop environment?
it becomes a mystical setting for the lay person, if i remember it correctly from the time before i "accessed" art...something that, seemingly, manifested(careened) into the space,
the most alien of all humanity
when really it was just the growth from everything we had been sown

.....the printed, then, becomes the middle state...
able to dance and duplicate with the rest, while also quietly
holding behind it a window to the [seemingly arcane] experience
of holding so much creation in one space

[a library becomes the mortuary temple of Hatshepsut]

i dont know what to do with all these drawings i've made
Lee Steiner