• Facilitate peer-to-peer borrowing and lending of books
  • Allow groups to create spaces of social book sharing
  • Allow social groups to visualize their shared library
  • Always be as small as possible
  • Introduce good friction

Borrow and Lend

  • Users can request to borrow a book
  • Users can approve the request (and then loan the book to someone)
  • Users can nudge users to return a book
  • Users can transfer a book to someone

Social Features

  • Users can connect to other users
  • Users need to be able to moderate who follows them (approve / deny / block)
  • Users can create and join groups
  • See connected users' reviews of books
  • Create a discussion thread under each book, visible to all members of a specific group
  • Allow users to tag books with recommendations
  • Import from goodreads?

What it isn't

  • A comprehensive and public network
  • No stars, likes, or dislikes

What it needs

  • Canonical data source (Goodreads API? Google Books?)
Goals, Features, etc.
Sam Winfield