Thinking about moving Kinopio stuff from to something else (maybe . is cool as a social networky thing to browser, but It really sucks that it's getting increasingly hostile to use for Kinopio biz stuff:

  • no support for videos/mp4s (which is what I use to capture WIPs)

  • gif upload/support is hyper buggy, I'd be okay converting to gifs because it's what I have to do for discourse, but even that doesn't work

  • really slow. Takes seconds, sometimes 10s to load a page. And it takes a couple page loads to get from the homepage to the channel I want to post into. Very frustrating, and very often felt.

  • buggy (in safari), opening blocks creates a white background overlay that sometimes doesn't go away and breaks page navigation. This bug has been around for months.

  • little sense of development progress. Even when I look for it, I can't find a changelog/what's-new for

Feeling dumb about putting an link on the @kinopioClub twitter pinned post which I can't edit ... frustrations
pirijan k