NOTES FROM MAGGIE APPLETON - plus few ideas from me

The concept of digital gardening is a new way of thinking about our online behaviour around sharing and handling information.

Digital Gardens present information in a richly linked landscape that grows slowly over time. Everything is arranged and connected in ways that allow you to explore (hyperlinked experience) and actively choose what to follow, rather than defaulting to the algorithmically filtered ephemeral stream.

The digital garden experience can help us move from time-bounds streams of information such as InstaTwitbooks towards contextual knowledge spaces that are specifically designed to accumulate knowledge and personal growth over time.

In the process of digital gardening, time plays the role of the ’fertiliser’ - which allows ideas and research to organically evolve in a free-form environment, without the pressure of a 24h clock tick. This ‘work in progress’ flow links digital gardening to the ethos of zine-making, which rejects performative and capitalist values of perfection and ’speedy-ness’ in favour of perpetuating imperfection, honesty and rawness.