TV animation | BBC Radio Scotland | Foggie Bummer

this was generated mostly by working directly on found footage. The conversation is between 2 men discussing the scottish dialect words "foggie bummer". it won a d&ad silver for best typographic commercial


The video above, an award-winning short produced in 1995 for a B.B.C. Radio Scotland advertising campaign just before the station was closed, features audio of a Radio Scotland program host and a caller having a discussion about Scottish slang, set to images created by John Barnbrook. The constant pulse of briefly-lived images skittering across the frame provide excellent examples of a more modern, impressionistic form of dynamic motion.
Borrowing heavily from trends that are, historically speaking, relatively recent in filmmaking – namely, extensive use of rapid cuts – Barnbrook gives the viewer a visual equivalent (if form if not necessarily content) of a casual, swiftly-paced conversation between two linguistic natives, which is in all likelihood totally impenetrable to any outsider. Moreover, just as the cultural frames of reference within a conversation can change almost without notice, so too does the text in Barnbrook’s video. Indeed, it has been argued that Barnbrook’s ad, far more than a simple exercise in visual effects to be used for advertising, in fact served as a form of advocacy for the “confident, [but] marginalised voices” of the Scots, who are relatively independent in a cultural and legal sense from the rest of the United Kingdom.

Mindy Seu

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