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Hans Ulrich Obrist: What are your unrealised projects?
Zak Kyes: My big unrealised project is a new book economy, which is a proposal for a new model of publishing within the context of the cultural field. While many collectors and patrons are comfortable with the idea of supporting the production of art objects they are reluctant to support design processes, even given their increasingly fertile relationship with contemporary art practices. The idea here would be to establish, with a patron, a platform for the production of publications. Part of the edition would be housed in the physical structure of a private library/collection coconceived with an architect, and the rest would be distributed through the cultural economy, available in publicly available spaces such as exhibitions and galleries.

Zak Kyes on a new book economy 
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Zak Kyes on a new book economy 
Zak Kyes, “Economic Design,” *The Metapress*,
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