I started to learn some basic HTML tonight and spent a lot of time researching how to create my own website. I'm hesitant to jump in and pay for a host/domain name. I looked around to find a community of people that I could interact with but found many of the spaces to be unapproachable. Scuttlebutt and IndieWeb left me feeling very much not part of the club - like I can't speak their language. I want to feel more motivation before jumping in to make a website. Not sure where to find it. For now, I'll keep tinkering on my own until I find a community or space that makes me feel like it's worth it to actually make a website. It's funny - I started researching this topic because I wanted to form a community with others on the web without social media and this process has actually left me feeling more alone. If I make a website and nobody even knows about it, does it defeat the purpose?

Building A Website Log #1
monty r