Unbelievable powerful impacts of Drostanolone Propionate
Unbelievable powerful impacts of Drostanolone Propionate

Drostanolone Propionate also known as Masteron is identified as an injectable anabolic steroid that is a derivative of dihydrotestosterone. This medication is a perfect choice for being attached to a steroid stack and sometimes this medication is also taken alone in a steroid cycle. This medication possesses an improved DHT and its 2-methyl group successfully raises the anabolic qualities of this drug and it is more effectual in promoting muscle tissue growth in comparison to its unmethylated antecedents. This anabolic steroid has powerful anabolic as well as anti-estrogenic qualities. Its anabolic properties are quite moderate in comparison to other compounds.

Numerous bodybuilders and athletes take this drug because of its effectiveness in increasing strength, muscle mass and lessening fat. In fact, this anabolic steroid has been approved by the FDA for women as it comes armed with negligible side effects. The 100mg of this medication is truly capable of bringing an unbelievable positive change to a bodybuilder’s physique. However, to witness its finest results you must use it sensibly. This medication is helpful to a beginner also and that too in only some weeks. This medication turns out to be really beneficial during a person’s cutting cycle and it isn’t very good to be utilized in the form of a bulking component.

Price of this compound

The cost of this compound varies according to the brand and the quality of the product. If you decide to buy this compound from the black market, you need to pay $45-$90 for 10ml of this medication. The difference in the price of products depends on the cleanliness of the raw materials, quality, strength and of course, obtainability. There are numerous underground laboratories that produce this medication in different ways. There are some manufacturers who sell fake productsandthey make use of cheaper oils and their products are less filtered as they lack sophisticated equipment. So it is vital to go through various websites before buying this compound.

Appropriate dosages

Like all anabolic steroids, this compound when taken carefully doesn’t pose any risk to the users’ health. A skilled bodybuilder can inject a dosage of 100mg-400mg of this medication each week. It can also be broken down to 100mg dosage every alternate day. However, there are bodybuilders who decrease the dosage to 50mg each day in order to avoid the chances of potential side effects. Women who take this medication are suggested to take 50mg of this medication weekly to avert the risk of virilism. In fact, the 50mg weekly dosage can further be divided into little injections that can be injected each 2-3 days.

Stacking choices

This medication can be taken alone and in this case, a dosage of 500-700mg weekly is enough to fetch brilliant results. A stacking of this medication with Dianabol is also effective and this medication also stacks well with Testosterone. There are many users who combine this medication with Trenbolone too. Combining 100mg of this medication weekly with 200mg of Testosterone weekly brings superior physique benefits with minimal side effects. This medication has been approved by the FDA for women but still, side effects can occur. In this situation, it is best to discontinue its usage.


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