mind-body connection in emotional resilience, via talk therapy

-treading as slowly/carefully as possible. visualizing a boundary that represents no-go zone-- spiraling out/panic/"retraumatization" zone; getting close to that line and being able to process/reformulate without making things worse.
gradually rewiring your nervous system (trying to protect you); reminding it that you're not in immediate danger and fight-or-flight mode is no longer useful in this instance.

-acknowledging where the feeling(s) occur(s) in your body. (can be incredibly difficult as some feelings can be so abstract/nebulous.) what physical sensations are occurring? in your head, eyes, mouth, throat, chest, stomach, fingertips, feet... do an entire body scan. acknowledge where the emotional pain/discomfort resides. helps re-establish body-mind connection when we feel like we're spiraling out. (in dissociation, mind-body connection is severed.)

-returning to your breath to stay grounded when overwhelmed. box-breathing.

m z