“Amateur Librarian - A Course in Critical Pedagogy” by Marcell Mars and Tomislav Medak [amateur-librarian-a-course-in-critical-p-marcell-mars.pdf]



Title: Amateur Librarian - A Course in Critical Pedagogy
Authors: Marcell Mars, Tomislav Medak
Publisher: Constant
Year: 2016
An essay from “Mondothèque: a radiated book” edited and produced by Constant.

From “Amateur Librarian - A Course in Critical Pedagogy”:

“A proposal for a curriculum in amateur librarianship, developed through the activities and exigencies of the Public Library project. Drawing from a historic genealogy of public library as the institution of access to knowledge, the proletarian tradition of really useful knowledge and the amateur agency driven by technological development, the curriculum covers a range of segments from immediately applicable workflows for scanning, sharing and using e-books, over politics and tactics around custodianship of online libraries, to applied media theory implicit in the practices of amateur librarianship. The proposal is made with further development, complexification and testing in mind during the future activities of the Public Library and affiliated organizations.”

Roberto Greco