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In Situ — Print

In Situ is the end-of-year graduate publication of architecture and interior architecture students of the 2014 class at the University of South Australia. Built around ideas of architecture and responsivity, the book uses visual metaphor and flexible layouts to explore the show’s themes.

In Situ refers to being in position – a position of significance. What is the position of architecture in relation to people and the times? Contemporary architecture responds to social issues - spaces are redesigned and repurposed to respond to these issues. To represent this idea of architecture as response, the book has a debossed slip-cover that, when removed, reveals a distorted version of the title, giving the reader the impression that they have smeared the title themselves. The book is responding to the reader.

Similarly, every page is designed to respond to the content it holds. Page numbers and degree details remain in place, but each student’s spread is designed to best suit the work they provided for the publication.

Dan Vaughan
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