For this assignment I was struggling on what my social issue would be. There are many social issues in our world right now and I wish I could address them all, but it is impossible to. For this assignment I chose to focus on the social issue we have right now that is Obesity. I wanted to make this assignment about obesity because there is this huge problem in the world that more and more people become obese. Most people would simply say, “an easy way to fix this problem would be to simply eat healthy and work out.” Yes of course that would be an easy solution for some but not for others. One big issue we have is that healthy food can be very expensive at times and some families are unable to afford these healthy and nutritious food. When it comes to unhealthy food it is far cheaper and more affordable thus making it the best option for many in order to save money. This ultimately leads to more people being overweight and unhealthy. So how can people be healthy and decent shape when the healthy and beneficial products are way to expensive. With this project I wanted to show the difference in prices for healthy and unhealthy food. I hope I was able to communicate my message in these images and help tackle this social issue.