PROGRAM X-SITE 2018 Exhibition Visual Identity

《OO》以鷹架、浪板作為構造主體和擬人化的泡泡動力裝置,將日常工務的視覺經驗精煉提升至藝術層次,賦予不可見的氣流運作為一個可見的形式,為我們帶來突破以往的身體經驗,為理所當然開放或公共性,注入一股叛逆、一個提問,或者一個對於本屆命題:「關於工務所的行動研究(In Progress)」以及美術館空調修繕事件相對精確的回應。 展覽時間. 2018.06.02 - 07.29展覽地點. 臺北市立美術館 Taipei Fine Arts Museum​ It seeks to expand the syntax and aesthetics of architecture by presenting an architecturally themed installation in the Museum's outdoor plaza. Work for this limited engagement, experiential event is acquired through a public call for entries and blends art and architecture to encourage new perceptions of spatial relations.