nya the catnya the cat
nya the cat

it is incredibly humbling to be working on a tool and be surprised by beautiful people who use this tool in ways I didn't imagine. over here is a post Anyā made in the first few hours she gave multiverse a spin. this is a screenshot of the comic post, there's an entire story between Nya the cat and the girl that's starting to unfold on multiverse (https://multiverse.plus/anyalikhitha/nya) – I am just in awe

I often think about how I wrestle with technology (the medium and the craft, not the industry, although that too, but that's a discussion for another day) – trying to make the most out of it, make it cooler, make it better, etc because I have so many rants about how things are with computers versus the potential that we 'have yet to unlock'. And over the past two years or so, I've felt so much weight that I've held myself back. Thoughts like I'm not doing enough for people, there's still so much more to do, technology can be so much more can get heavy!

I'm still working on this, but – hey im just a person that likes technology, lets have some fun and try and radiate more of the good vibes. Why wrestle with the craft when I can just express and be amazed by the wonder of the craft? The best things come from us having a good time with each other, and so let's enjoy it~*

how cool it is that we get to do this, kicks

Weiwei Xu