"Here’s the idea why you’re in a simulation. Let’s start with acting, first of all. When a two-year-old screams in a restaurant, the entire restaurant screams, ‘Teach that kid how to act!’ We’re all unpaid actors in some giant script that we didn’t write. Simulation: a two-year-old jumps on a coffee table and someone says, ‘That’s a coffee table, don’t jump on that!’ So it went from being something that makes him feel like Superman, he’s got his cape on, to something where he has to think about — this person is like a family member he doesn’t like anyway — he’s two years old, he doesn’t give a s–t about a coffee or a table. And he’s starting to like calculate all these things. And by the time you are 40 years old, you’ve got a wall full of coffee tables calculating you into traffic, calculating you into your career choice, calculating you into this house, townhouse that’s not quite as big as the townhouse next [to it], and it just never works. That’s the simulation that I’m talking about. That’s what I mean when I say simulation." - ye (jimmy kimmel, 2018)

Aaron Krishna