Notes from 2.5 Continued Explorations

Alex: I think motion pairs well with your idea of cycles, it communicates that well and has a lot of opportunity for communicating time. I like the idea of the speculative book that has different sections with different areas that would communicate change surrounding what women need vs. what they are getting now. I would explore materiality and try to understand how the physical meets the information, does it have different textures to invoke feeling? Since you are doing this “future history” can you play with “future publication” and turn that into a speculative thing as well with how you design and manifest the final thing.

Love the distorted clock/other images. Also, the animation you made with the broken sentences and the circles disappearing around the circle, nice metaphor with a woman’s natural cycle and the moon and time in general. So I think clocks and circles are a really good metaphor throughout and distorting it in different ways. Another thing to consider maybe for metaphors to maybe rebel against is the idea in classic art to use fruit to allude to the anatomy of women. Also, another theme in some art is depicting women as animals almost who are in tune with nature, so maybe that’s another layer to rebel against in your pieces (whether it’s motion or a book). Another format you could use is those booklets we made in Type 2 (those things with tape) and how you could form those out into a circle (that might have made 0 sense, sorry) The print format you use could become a sculptural piece as well - V

Josh: the interesting thing about the Riso prints is that they’re a digital exploration that you’re making tangible which kind of reflects the idea of artifacts/archeology and I wonder if you could push this further? Also motion is really interesting because it’s a time-based medium. Because you’re thinking about making a publication, I wonder how you could re-integrate motion because I do think there’s something really valuable there. Makes me think of flip books. Or maybe as a part of the nav or something you see a frame/page or something → this ALSO makes me think of those moon maps, which looks like an animation where the frames have been exploded out.

I really like the distorted objects and the textures of it! The circular visual metaphor makes me think of looping gifs and I think the looping motion could be a strong way to bring the idea of cyclical metaphor.- JB

Will: I love the idea of a “future history” - its really intriguing. If this is speculative, and designed from the perspective of the future, I wonder if the publication could be digital? Not necessarily a traditional website, but maybe something with C4D (if you’re comfortable witht that?). or some other 3d things? or more motion based? Or maybe an imagined digital space, like a museum in VR or AR? i know these are getting kinda rambly and crazy so sorry about that, but im excited to see where you end up!

I like the juxtaposition of the title “Future Histories.” Looking at it from a distance I like that these are all distortions of different items, physical and non-physical, distortions of time and distortions in different ways. When Josh mentioned flip-book it makes me think of a calendar flipping pages rapidly, like in a movie when it fast-forwards in time and flips through a calendar. I could see different events and marking on the calendar as it flips changing and such. - Sarah

Jigs: I really enjoyed the experiments you did with ASCII art, it sort of reminded me of the textures in your riso print, could be a pathway to bridge b/w physical tangible/digital -- ASCII Art riso print? Maybe?
I don’t know, could be cool. Also, from the Pratt meet-up discussion, you talked about the publication about a “fictional” exhibition that happened housing all the artifacts that you’re making. I think that’s still a pretty solid idea, but I agree about the newspaper, with it being a more accessible medium. There is a “circular” binding method, it looks kinda very complicated -- but I’ll leave it here for your perusal. (I don’t mean to be formal, just wanted to use the word perusal)

I agree with some comments above that motion seems like a powerful medium to work within. You’ve done a great job of telling feminine stories (like from Motion III) and I think you can continue to push that narrative with your thesis topic. Thinking of ‘cyclical’ as a metaphor, methods that loop (like GIFs?) may help encapsulate your message in a nice format. -CH

LW—love bringing in the citational piece!
The notion of a publication is making me think about this book i saw years ago at LACMA (i’ll look later and see if i can find it) that was about a river and the book took the form of the river’s path, so it was this huge/long/accordion fold thing that took up an entire room and they built a table to match the form of the book so it would be displayed at eye level