Short Video on WordPress

WordPress Tutorial For Beginners 2020 [Made Easy]
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0:00​ Intro
01:30​ Pick A Hosting Provider
02:05​ Choose Domain Name
04:30​ Install WordPress
07:45​ Add Theme
08:20​ Add Content

Websites are an integral part of the internet age. Most of the people these days are making efforts to design a website either for business needs, blogging or for personal usage. But no one is interested in learning typical coding languages to lead the development process.

People are more concerned about using simple drag and drop tools to create an interactive website platform. Well, It is possible only if you get started.

Beginners might be interested to know all the essential stuff about website designing using WordPress. Don’t Worry! We’ll show you the wordpress basics and make sure your search results have directed you to the right page. This WordPress tutorial can teach you all basic stuff for designing your website.