2.0 Journal Entry 04-06-21

This project is interesting because it is hard to encapsulate all of my thoughts into a book. And I get hung up on things like color and type (which are very important, but should not be paralyzing). So I’m jumping that hurdle this week while conducting the rest of my interviews.

I’m a little nervous because of time/amount I need to do. But I feel generally okay after going back to my schedule and shifting things around a bit. My overarching plan is to finish the content design (artifacts, landscapes, etc.) & interviews this week and use the weekend to produce the book and start prepping any files that I want to print on the risograph so I can begin to print those the following week (I’m planning to do a combination of risograph and laser printing on paper & vellum).

I bought paper for the project which is excited. I got a variety of different stuff from Mohawk and hopefully that will be here by the end of the week so I can make some material/format decisions this weekend.

I’m getting excited to finish this up but like WOAH not a lot of time left. I also feel like I am still adjusting a bit to this workflow (aka doing interviews, design, and layout all at once). I get a bit hung up on the idea that nothing is ~done~ for me to check off a list. Or that I’m not doing enough work or that there isn’t enough depth to my work. But the reality of this situation is that it will be done when it’s all done and it will be what it is in this moment—and I’m trying to ease my nerves with that idea. Also I still feel passionate about this research / project and I could see myself wanting to do something more with it post grad.

Anywho—this week will be a big push for me in terms of making & conversations. And next week will hopefully be a lot of production and then the following week documentation. Wow, final stretch!

Journal Entry 9
Erica Heathcote