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Within my language as a painter, I’m interested in the nature of emerging, live site-specific projects and the viewer as a participant.
In an ephemeral kiosk-like installation with cardboard and sculpture, directly relating to the surrounding space (i.e. a back corner, or peripheral nook), I would conduct static studio-sessions. During these, I transcribe various self-referential texts onto the corrugation of the cardboard using sky-blue 1-shot signage paint, in an attempt to consider the whole surface.
I aim to address the relationship of my presence and the wall as my body contorts to fill and edit the surface. Stifling the readability of the resulting transcript through lighting and simultaneous contrast, I am
interested in looking at an interaction with the viewer and the surfaces as a constituent assembly. It is my goal to present this interaction as subject when I have deserted the composition. While being interested in a reactionary, organic process and an outcome that is unresolved, I’m attempting to look at how appropriated materials, architecture, color and language/text can relate to the
body in a non-functional phenomenological way, and what mythologies might then ensue.

Added a year ago by annie woodfill
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