Brief notes:

often times we think surrender means losing something in the process of letting go. but that is not always the case. surrender means shifting one's perspective on something, and thus, letting go of one's attachment to it. surrender is only a loss if it is forced upon you, or when it does not align with your intentions. in all other contexts, surrender is likely a challenging yet liberating experience of paradigm shift, release, and metamorphosis.

we cannot forsee the future. that is not our burden to bear.
so when in doubt, ask yourself "if i knew that i would be supported, what would i do?"
and then, do that.
observe and intuit.
pay attention to the signs, the happenings around you, so that you are as ready as you can ever be to venture into the unknown.
that is what it means to trust your path.
it means to trust your intuition, to hone it through observation, and to explore consciousness as we experience reality.

Brief Notes 02
Cyborg Plantmom