Temporal: Coffee experience, coffee memories, coffee as ritual and routine.

Space: Coffee, Companion, Places for coffee, the scent of fresh coffee in the neighborhood.
Meetings, Dates, Conversation with specific coffee, in the specific cafe. The barista, the cafe owner, staffs etc. The conversation, the personal touch of the coffee. the relationship between you and the people in the cafe. A place that you would space long hours; the customer on the next table; the secret crush that you forgot already.

Sensual: Sensual memories.

History and Politics: trace the origins, the entanglement behind a cup of coffee, Westernised coffee palate*, Scientific research (fund? tool? who are the scientists? data references from where? benefit who? Who can access the data? Membership scheme - who can afford it? who cannot afford it? Who would benefit from the data? Archival practice? bias? What/ who is growing larger while who is diminishing? Machine development - price, technique, build for who? ) Consumer culture. Waste? Cup, coffee bean, packaging. Side products, side dishes.

Westernised coffee palate :