2.0 Journal Entry 04-20-21

Nearing the end of this project is exciting and disappointing at the same time. I think I have this engrained idea in my head that I could always do more or the work could always mean more. This project has been an exercise in letting that go and really just following the process. It has been less frustrating than other projects I’ve done at CCS because I haven’t really felt “wrong” at any point—and if I did get something wrong it only meant room for growth. All that to say, this process has felt much more fluid and natural and I was able to take a break from it and get re-excited about it again—rather than just burn out.

This next week is actually the final steps… I have a lot of production to do—but I actually kind of love that part as long as everything goes relatively smoothly. I plan to finish pretty much all of the printing this Tuesday (I have one straggler page that will need it’s final layer on Thursday) but then I will be able to bind and scan on Thursday and photograph over the weekend.

I worked through a refreshed microsite design that is really quite simple but incorporated a little bit more contextual information that might further explain some of the thinking to someone who knows nothing about the project. The e-reader is still the primary function.

For the images I take this weekend, I’m hoping to have a little fun with the style, doing in-situation photos on a desk. But as a contrast I want to do in-situation photos in nature to kind of play into the relationship that I am pulling on in the book between women and nature. We will see if they work out, it could be only okay so I might just stick with the desk. We shall see.

I’m kind of sad to be almost done. I really love this kind of work and I’m not sure how to get back into it in my career. I also just really appreciate the class “vibe” and I always feel energized to have conversations and hear about other people’s work—so I will miss that for sure.

Journal Entry 11
Erica Heathcote