Workshop at co.lab (Apr 24)

Yay! This Saturday, Meröe and Flupsi facilitate a SHELL workshop in the frame of co.lab at the Floating site. Unfortunately, physical attendance is limited to the co.lab hosts and facilitators, so you'll have to tune in via your personal computer (see the link in the following post). We'll create a nice documentation for our distant guests <3

2—Crossing the threshold (muddy water) and getting feet washed and oild on the timespiral-island.
3—Tuning In: How Shells grow (through calcic remembering), and how they are singular.
4—Crafting a collective full-body mask while weaving threads of conversation.
5—In-(Corps)-Oration: Ask the Shell a question, and listen to its answer.
6—Release your memories into the fabric, allow them to become inhuman, and leave them behind.

Workshop: Overview

Find resources for preparation and aftercare in the adjacent boxes at ([].

Flupsi Upsi