Let's say you're interested in playing the role of Concept Composer.

Well hello, I often play the role of Concept Composer. I can tell you about how I play the role, but you'll need to discover your own boundaries for how you play the role. You have to discover, theorize, and practice that role for yourself.

I unfortunately can't write down all the things you should do to be a Concept Composer, because I don't know all of them. I can tell you how I think about it, and recap what I've tried and how it worked out. I can work alongside you so that you can feel how Norm's Concept Composer works. I can point you to Concept Composers I'm inspired by. Maybe all of that will shed light on potential boundaries you could define for yourself, but I sincerely hope it does not limit your boundaries.

Apprenticeships == Working Alongside

We can raise each other by working together. Only you can discover how your Concept Composer [feels].

On "training" and "apprenticeships"

Spring NP2, 2021

Norman O'Hagan