An illustration of a femme person dancing in a club, in front of a giant sub roofer that is almost their size. Their hair is blue-black and their skin pearl-white. They wear a short, low-cut red dress which fabric reveals their curves. Their red lipstick and purple eye shadow match their outfit and the club's purple lighting. Their left arm is bent behind their head, while the other reaches for their uncovered thigh. The sub roofer is pulsating in front of them; sonic waves are blowing on their dress and in their hair. Behind them are shadows of people chatting at the bar, facing endless rows of back-lit liquor bottles. The bar staff is minding its own business, back turned away from the scene. The person in the red-dress seems to be living their moment alone, enjoying the vibrations coming out of the speaker, and exposing their body to the palpitations. Below them is a crowd of shadowed-out people cheering up, phones in hands, hands rising up to the ceiling.

Image description
Anne-Marie Trépanier