Measurement is an intimate practice, one that requires proximity and patience. When you are measuring, you are checking where a subject sits in relation to a standard. Measuring implies care. You don’t measure something if you don’t have an interest in how it’s doing or how it relates to its surroundings. We measure our ingredients to make sure our meals turn out the way we want them to; we measure our shore lines to see how the climate is changing in response to our actions; we measure our friends by asking, “How are you? No really, how are you?” Measurement is a form of tending, a gesture towards understanding, and a commitment to being as specific as possible about the measured subject’s relationship to space, time, and its intersecting systems.

When I think of measuring the Internet though…it feels like trying to quantify the space between the wind and the trees. How can you measure something you cannot see?

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Beatriz Sousa