learning and research over the summer

tasks —
adapt CGING poster
prune channels
update junkyard title image for portfolio

texts —
my name is red
ideology of gallery space
archaeology of touch
mythologies (barthes)
mythologies (lehman) > here
black gooey universe
emoji as digital gestures — 1, 3, 2
book on margins
the medium is the me/assage
ambient cruelty (++ NC!)
signs and symbols

observations —
- marginalia of the digital: tiktok comment sections: "dropped my frogs! boost"
- raced emoji as weaponized identity politics
- rombes 21 — Danny Gonzalez on Arcade Craniacs, emotion and affect in 3AM CHALLENGE __ MY __ SHE SAID YES?!?!?!?!? ast. ast. GONE SEXUAL GONE WRONG ast. ast. (possible * connection)

concepts —
format, screen, frame

freemium aesthetics

"the social life of things" — processes and flows by which goods and objects are converted, change shape — "entangled objects"

to be an NPC

connections —
race and technology, ideology of screen space
ideology of interface
portals, windows, interface/computer/internet metaphors, interstices, liminality, "technosublime"
time and space relationship (from 2018 summer conversation with dad — QR codes. convenience,)

note 2 self

Singularization is the reverse of the seemingly irresistible process of commodification. They thus show how all economies are a constant flow of material objects that enter and leave specific exchange spheres.

scripting in InDesign: https://creativepro.com/files/kahrel/indesignscripts.html

leslie liu