The aim was only to ensure that some of the proceeds of particular transactions went to good causes. The fantasy being that western consumerism, far from being intrinsically implicated in systemic global inequalities, could itself solve them. All we have to do is buy the right products. - Mark Fisher, Capitalism Realism.

Excerpt from Mark Fisher's book. It very aptly describes the latest features of tagging businesses as "black, Asian, queer owned, women led" after the black lives matter movement, Asian shootings and so on. Consumers delude themselves into thinking the transactions they make will help reduce inequality where in fact it's only obfuscating the true causes of it.

The ideological blackmail that has been in place since the original Live Aid concerts in 1985 has insisted that ‘caring individuals’ could end famine directly, without the need for any kind of political solution or systemic reorganization.

Ideological blackmail
Roberto Burboa