Digital Forest

This piece was crafted as an exhibition in Moscow. A round room filled with glitches and numerical abstraction dips a spectator into an immersive digital surrounding. The video features a range of morphology as the glitches transition from one to another, into a never-ending cycle of disruption, chaos and fascination. The spectator stands in the centre of the display, surrounded by the screens and immersed in the world of virtual glitches. As something we see on a daily basis, the glitches trigger unfamiliarity, opening what interprets as a new realm that has yet to be explored. Although they are considered to be small technical malfunctions on our daily screens, the sheer size of the piece itself subverts the spectator being in power as they have only witnessed a small opening of the full digital sphere.

In reference to medium specificity, the glitches recall back to the materiality of the digital. Constant morphology and malfunctions oppose the traditional ideology of perfect, realistic art, offering an abstract, chaotic and ‘imperfect’ presence. It does not reflect the bourgeois ideals of art but instead reflects our digitally immersive society and how we in comparison are dominated by the unfamiliarity of the digital.

Stephany Hoffmann

Source: Digital Forest