Sculpture from Trash Bins
Sculpture from Trash Bins

I chose this art piece for my exhibition because it reminds me a lot of Fountain by Marcel Duchamp. Urinals can be seen everywhere and in our everyday life there are not something special or will not catch our eye. However, when they are put in a different context or just on pedestal in a museum, that gives the audience an opportunity to find their own sense of the object and interpret it as they want to. The case with this sculpture of trash bins is pretty much the same. We see trash bins every single day, however, when they are taken out of their usual application, they immediately get our attention. We will never go in front of a trash bin on a street and start thinking of its different meanings and applications that it can have. Nevertheless, when these trash bins are altered in a new manner and put in a place, we do not usually expect to see these objects, or at least as part of the exhibition, the visitors would probably look more at it and will think of different stories and meanings of it.

Ana Vladimirova