Highrise of Homes, SITE (James Wines), 1981Highrise of Homes, SITE (James Wines), 1981
Highrise of Homes, SITE (James Wines), 1981


"I think the main value of this project is its statement of anti-formalism. The point is to construct a basic matrix – as the only contribution of the architect/engineer – and then allow the urban dwellers to determine their own choices of residential style and uses of the real estate parcels. Like Duchamp’s notion of “canned chance,” the High-rise of Homes was an idea based on an orchestration of indeterminate elements. As far as a future for this proposal is concerned, all I know is that it has inspired many imitators over the years. Unfortunately, most of the subsequent interpretations have missed the point entirely. These modified versions project a similar appearance of random aesthetic elements; but, in reality, they are simply the same formalist orchestrations of the architects’ own sculptural and stylistic conceits. My idea was to establish a fundamental support structure and encourage occupants to fill in the spaces as an unpredictable collage of choice, chance, and change."

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