How does object storage and s3 compatibility fit in the Filecoin vision?

Why would object storage with Filecoin be more desirable than what exists today?

What would it take to move the largest dapps off of AWS?

  • what do they use it for?
  • how much data lives there for now?
  • how much data could live on IPFS instead?

why is object storage more scalable?

"An object storage system works well here since the data is static or fixed. In this example, the contents of the book will not change. The objects (data, metadata, and ID) are stored as “packages” in a flat structure and easily located and retrieved with a single API call."

is the bucket the object in object storage?

no. object refers to the way data is grouped as a unit as opposed to being spread out across folders in a file system, or unstructured in a data lake.

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