Probiotic scientists,
thinking like Gaia, are preoccupied with evolutionary and ecological
relationships as well as the ways living organisms shape and are shaped
by their environments. These scientists think in cycles; they concern
themselves with feedback loops with the potential to modulate or amplify
ecological change. They focus on questions of symbiosis and symbio-
genesis—the reciprocal, coevolutionary relationships and dependencies
between life-forms—as well as the ways these configure the structure,
intensities, and dynamics of ecologies, climates, and geomorphologies.
This science stretches and subverts the neo-Darwinian figure of the
bounded human individual, emphasizing both its microbial composi-
tion and its planetary entanglements.

From Jamie Lorimer - The Probiotic Planet

Probiotic science against the neo-Darwinian human
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