RAFT | Speculative Models for the Present
RAFT | Speculative Models for the Present

site: https://raft.haus/

RAFT is a research and strategy platform mapping ecologies, cultures and infrastructures to rethink how they interface with each other.

By providing models and logics that challenge preconceived meanings, patterns and relationships, we help organisations and institutions evaluate their position within broader ecosystems and create multidisciplinary design concepts that enable material and symbolic transition towards new strategic roles.

sample project:
Æffect grew as a bottom-up student-led initiative to create a strong and self-perpetuating community connecting innovation management students at CSM with alumni, staff and industry leaders through shared visions.

It consists of two elements. An alumni mentorship scheme that redesigns work-based learning by connecting students with industry through a research-based placement with alumni mentors.

An academic journal and web platform materialising the networked nature of the discipline that gives students an opportunity to position their work in relation to the broader landscape of theory and practice on innovation and sister disciplines.

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