guide for leaving stuff somewhere:

  • unless the stuff is big (like a bike) (or alive like a plant) put it in a heavy-duty bin/box/tote/crate. If you can't afford a heavy-duty container to put the stuff in it's probably not stuff worth holding onto and it would be better to get rid of it.

  • if the stuff is going into a basement or somewhere that could be damp, throw in a couple desiccant pouches into the bin.

    • write your full name on every side of every box. On at least one spot on the box also put: your phone number/contact info, the date you sealed the box up and at least a vague description of what's in the box. Don't expect words like 'fragile' or 'this end up' will be respected.
  • if you still care about the stuff in 6 months, check in on it.

  • if the stuff is alive, like a plant, check in on it every ~2 weeks.

how to leave stuff

some thoughts I've collected about leaving stuff. Like, at someone else's house, in the attic of a place you're no longer living at, in a shared studio, in the garage of your co-op, etc.

Trav Fryer