Untitled (with Nelly Lin) + desc.Untitled (with Nelly Lin) + desc.
Untitled (with Nelly Lin) + desc.


androgynous mannequin, projector, computer + software, security camera + router, tripod, concealed microphone + speaker, extruded aluminum structural materials, mirror panes, polycarbonate panes approx. 320 sq. ft.

Our sculpture established several bodies in conversation with the guests who entered the space. The security camera was mounted on a tripod with focus on the entrance of the gallery, it was to be the first thing guests saw when they entered the space. Cords ran from the camera to the router and more cords connected the router to the computer. The projector was also connected to the computer. The mannequin stood several feet away from the aforementioned materials and behind it stood a box of similar height (~5 feet). In the box, the three internal faces were mirrored and the fourth wall allowed for guests to examine the inside of the box through a head-shaped hole cut in a pane of polycarbonate. Mapping software was used to project onto the head of the mannequin. To the guests, as they entered the space it appeared that the camera recorded their faces and projected them on to the mannequin. Upon closer examination our guests found that their faces were distorted and intermingled with the faces of other guests in the space. A concealed microphone and speaker distorted the voices of the guests based on proximity, giving presence to the mannequin body. We created two modes of feeling; 1) the self as many and 2) many as the self. Our work does this by presenting our guests with two presentations of themselves, the first being what appears to be their features on an unidentifiable figure (the mannequin) and the second being the infinite population of themselves that is observed when looking within the mirrored structure. In this we held community and gave physical presence to what seems like our collective decision as a society to throw away privacy.

Freesoul El Shabazz