"More effective at setting each twig aquiver in the passing of waves than a pebble dropped
into a pool of water, Spiralism defines life at the level of relations (colors, odors, sounds, signs,
words) and historical connections (positionigs in space and time). Not in closed circuit, but tracing
the path of a spiral. So rich that each new curve, wider and higher than the one before
expands the arc of one's vision.

In perfect harmony with the whirlwind of the cosmos, the world of speed in which we evolve,
from the greatest adventures to struggles for liberation, Spiralism aligns perfectly -- in breadth and
depth -- with atmosphere of explosive vertigo; it follows the movement that is at the haeart of all
living things. It is a shattering of space. An exploding of time"
-Franketienne, Mur a Crever

Sienna Kwami