My research on the need and creation for places of refuge connects to migration equity through my claim that true migration equity can not exist while there is still a lack of places that even fit the criteria of what is in demand. Once these communities are formed, the barriers towards entering them can be considered. Additionally, one of the barriers towards migration into these spaces is the difficulty in discovering them, and my research project would create a hub that offers a beacon of hope and that there is actually a true abundance of these places of belonging.

In a time of many different scales of disconnectedness, from interpersonal to societal, caused by an influx of new and unknown matters such as technology and social media, climate change, and the COVID-19 pandemic. Dissociation and uncertainty is widespread across all generations and feeling lost or out of touch with reality is a result.

We must be able to understand our involvements and relationships with our environments and communities in order to begin reconnecting and healing.