"The field that the peasant formerly cultivated and set in order appears differently than it did when to set in order still meant to take care of and to maintain." 
"The work of the peasant does not challenge the soil of the field. In the sowing of the grain it places the seed in the keeping of the forces of growth and watches over its increase." (Question Concerning Technology, Heidegger)

Currently, people have noticed this change of relationship with nature. This in relationship is turning from a relationship of care and preservation (stewardship), to a relationship of attack, mastery, and challenging to bring forth. A relationship of maximum yield, and maximum efficiency.

People are now turning towards a more "care" inspired mode of farming and working with nature. This is in relation to Heidegger's sense of our possibilities are important to us, and thus we "care" for our possibilities. (Ref. Being and Time)