things we could write about for the volvox update:
• quad cycles
• (very) wip clock, tilset, etc.
• timekeeper
• the theory itself; NP1, NP2, Paragonday
• questions to ponder; what is vacation?

Intro to a bunch of ideas
An overview of Paragonday Systems
End with progress and potential futures

"How do we keep track of time?"
Should we finish v0 of the clock?
- End of July

  1. Overview of what it is
  2. Where we're at
  3. Replaced Days with types of days
  4. Quad Cycle is replacement for the week, based on view of your future

Structure of photos:
A. The OG diagram
B. The first NP2 watch
C. The timekeeper
D. Sunrise/Sunset e-ink – its all a work in progress

Some introduction to teal
Teal Process & Company is always an open question, Ideas start as a concept, are nourished into experiments, and published as artifacts. We explore in the digital, physical, and theoretical realms.

This is a theory we've been thinking about.

Contact info: [email protected]

As soon as possible – within an octa-cycle –

Volvox Update drafting
// Yatú