We’re in it together. I could never write, never think, never live without manifold writers, artists, makers, explorers, revelers (many of whom are not humans: can’t we extend our generosity that far? I think you do that so well in your music, where the sound of a lake and word­poem of a mountain meet histories of race, religion, and other things that may or may not be familiar in form). When I was giving a presentation early in the genesis of Stone a famous scholar asked me if I was comfortable with how I was using my children in my work. I understood the accusation immediately and appreciated its strong formulation, because it allowed me to say what I believe: we never work alone. We ought to acknowledge the companionship of those who think with us, our collaborators. So yes along with Jane Bennett and Stacy Alaimo and Tim Morton you will find the amazing Alex Cohen and Katherine Cohen in the book (they grew up with it, accompanying me in my research). They challenged me to think about the animacy of the inorganic, the storying of matter, the possibilities that yet inhere in things even after we have been trained to no longer witness them. There are moments in the book that I hope demonstrate the limits of this collaboration as well. I had to include the day at the Arènes de Lutèce when both Alex and Katherine rebelled against being narrativized. That resistance matters. The book is about stone’s agency, but that does not mean that human agency does not [matter].

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