Most of us think more than we like, we move the words back and forth in our heads more than it serves a purpose that we can in principle endorse, or that really makes us fun, or gives us real rest, some real understanding, or any real meaning of life.

Now I've come to my meaning of life from my 'VOID-stone', which can be considered as an approach to the heart of things, as each and every one of us is a completion of that work. You in your time and in your room, me in my time and in my room.

A VOID-stone in a void would not make much sense after all.

The word "void" can be either a noun, an adjective, or a verb form (an imperative if alone), and in George Brecht's VOID stones it appears as all three simultaneously. The word is carved into a boulder. George Brecht chose this stone - and judging from the photographs, it's a very pretty stone against a very pretty background - just as he chose the word, but the real stonework was done by someone else.