This image is dedicated to the whales, who have the biggest brains on Earth; to the trees, who are masters of photosynthesis and autotrophism; to all indigenous artists, who understand implicity the spiritual and thought-like nature of the cosmos; to all humans who are striving to use their brains fully; and to Dr. John C. Lilly, cartographer of inner space who has achieved fusion with the Star-Maker in alternity.

This image is an analog/digital hybrid, consisting of multiple layers of hand-drawn patterns and meticulously assembled scans and texts. It was done primarily in Photoshop5.5 but with text-wrapping done in Adobe 9.0. It represents hundreds of man-hours of work. It is a spacecraft control panel for your mind/brain, and it is also a mandala. It is also a meta-mind-map, a star-chart for inner space. Jose Arguelles wrote a chapter entitled "Art as Internal Technology" in his book The Transformative Vision. This is the spirit of this image: a tool for inner exploration and self-actualization. Our sense of vision operates in a mode of simultaneity which helps us to grasp complex patterns and relationships more coherently. This image contains a multitude of associational matrices; it is an evolutionary instrument for mind navigation.


Michelle Parrott

Source: ultimate-technology.jpg