Instead of living in fear, and not participating in the moment
You could be a rare treat
Singing a song in public

Because how many singers and poets and painters, do you get to see,
Does the world get to see

And you could bless a human with one moment of a sight of that
Just as you have seen moments in which you were gifted with seeing a stranger in public in a moment of such creation and flow

You could spend a moment blessing others as a di vin ci
As a pianist is seen

And what other way to spend a moment
And what is the best way to spend a moment

And what is the way to spend a moment that will reveal, the absolute clarity, when life goes full hd,
And you wonder how it could have ever been any other way,
Then when there were 10,000 details in the sand, and an infinity of beauty in the sea.

Public Creative
James The Blessed