In general, people do not pay attention to the humungus thing they are standing next to. Just like many boys do not like to notice what other boys do to their penises, many women are disgusted about what others do to their vaginas, and much of the unhappiness Hulk brings is the stuff of unvoiced regret. God I get so excited when I see a humongous regret that requires so much space that there is room for two people to sit up front and one in the rear. There is a McDonald's near my old apartment in Berkeley that has a few giant statues of corporate mascots that remind me of Lost Boys. You see me taking it all in when I spot Hulk. Of course. No one talks about Hulk the size of a minivan while a Hulk the size of a bus is on the loose, but I do. In fact, I am not sure a Hulk the size of a jumbo jet is in not in public awareness. We still do not have a nomenclature for large-looking-but-not-so-big-that-you-have-to-really-work-to-locate-even-bigger sized things. The random Mr. Bear. The tractor-size Bruce Banner. These two babies must be manna stuffed, and if a third is a medium-sized monster shaped like a house in front of you with some reptilian lump inside that has a green apple for a heart, scoop that fucker out!

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