Being big is bad, being big is hard, being big takes work. The least I could do is respect Hulk's limitations. Hulk is not a poser. Hulk is big and scary but first and foremost, he's a baby. Bruce Banner was born a giant and turned into a baby, who is still a baby. The baby has arms and legs, the baby arms and legs are pretty fucking big. I might have been mauled if I had been coming home from Berkeley and coming around the corner from something big and blue and glittering and metallic and sharp. As far back as I remember I was unaccustomed to things so big. I was too small to talk about big things to real people, my roommate was like "that is not possible" but as kids there is a big thing and an even bigger thing and a really even bigger thing and these things combine to make sure you get jostled around a bit in the world.

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