Ang Lee make Hulk movie, it not bad. It no Brokeback Mountain. It no Ice Storm. Hulk watch Brokeback Mountain, Hulk cry. Hulk watch Ice Storm, Hulk cry. Hulk watch Ang Lee movie about Hulk, Hulk not cry. Hulk mad. Hulk thinking now is time for new Hulk movie. New Hulk movie good for Hulk self image. Good for Hulk bank account. Hulk imagine long long slow movie with no Hulk for long long time, maybe 45 minutes! Just green grasses in breeze and ripples in green pond and lily pads waving and then finally green Hulk float like water lily into view. Hulk look around, think he go crazy at first, then Hulk think, "This a pretty place," Hulk not be disappointed. Hulk think new Hulk movie good for world. Maybe people finally be at peace when they watch new Hulk movie, maybe people talk to each other with their minds and not shove each other and fight. Hulk direct new Hulk movie, "Hulk Movie by Hulk." Hulk think Ang Lee jealous of Hulk. Ang Lee not say Hulk name out loud. Sometimes Hulk say Ang Lee name to Ang Lee on the phone and then Ang Lee say Hulk name in Hulk ear and laugh.

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