Design Principles

Embrace materiality & process
Draw attention to the structure, i.e. that of both the material itself and the human-imposed aspects that shape it.

Emphasise inconsistency
Don’t seek to iron out known ‘errors’ or inconsistencies in the production process. Work with them. Could every copy be unique in some way?

Design for the future 1
All commodities should aspire to age slowly and gracefully for maximum usefulness and pleasure. Fugitive colours, discolouration of laminate, chipping of veneer, the rubbing away of material at high stress areas … can unintended, even ugly, outcomes add to the appeal?

Design for the future 2
Where possible, use the most environmentally friendly processes. Quite often this will result in slower, simpler, less flashy work. Let the form itself hold the showstopping appeal. Any finishes should simply reinforce the overall effect and durability of the work.

Every point informs the other
Worth bearing in mind: none of these principles can be considered alone. Every choice always decides another thing.

Design Principles

My idealised form of graphic & industrial design.

Jonny P